The Team

Sarah Vella - Dance/movement therapist

Sarah Vella

Sarah's enthusiasm lies in guiding people towards their best, most authentic selves, helping them navigate the intricate paths of self-improvement and personal growth. For over a decade, Sarah called Berlin her home, immersing herself in its vibrant culture and artistic scene. She honed her skills, collaborated with fellow artists, worked in private practices and shared her passion for dance and therapy with a global audience. In 2022, Sarah embarked on a new chapter, returning to her roots in Malta. Now, with a wealth of international experience and a heart full of dedication.

Child/Educational Psychologist - Lara Maria Vella

Lara Maria Vella

An accomplished educational psychologist who has amassed a decade of expertise while serving at the Child Development Assessment Unit (CDAU). Lara's professional journey has been significantly enriched through a diverse range of experiences in assessments and consultations. Specializing in various areas within their role, such as autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, developmental delays, and various neurodevelopmental challenges, they bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to her practice.

Martine Waltier - Breathwork Practitioner

Martine Waltier

Martine is a qualified breathwork practitioner, musician and kundalini yoga teacher.

Based between the UK and Europe, Martine hosts intimate small retreats in her home in Malta. She offers online and in person, group and one to one, breathwork sessions which are accompanied by live sounds of violin, guitar and voice. More recently, Martine has been delving into warm water breathworks and offers these in a local hydrotherapy pool in Malta. She also writes and records meditation music and is currently working on her Spiritual Jazz album.

Supported by the elements, our ancestors and guides, Martine is fueled by her deep desire for individual/collective progressivism and the fundamental force of love.

Sandra Mifsud - Dance Practitioner Yoga Instructor

Sandra Mifsud

Sandra is a registered Yoga Alliance Teacher and offers the following classes and individual sessions: Yin Yoga, Yin-Yang Yoga, Hatha Flow Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation. Sandra currently runs a Group Yin Yoga Class on Thursdays from 6.30pm - 7.30pm.

With a career spanning several years in the field of dance, Sandra’s journey into the world of yoga, began as a sporadic exploration. Over several years she tried different yoga techniques with different teachers, but it was when she stumbled upon Yin Yoga that her path truly deepened. Recently certified as a yoga teacher. Sandra’s teaching style reflects her experience in dance and movement and her newfound passion for yoga. She believes that these practices hold the key to find balance in our fast-paced lives.

Ruth Bezzina - Intuitive Wellness Coach

Ruth Bezzina

Ruth is the founder of Common Routs, which aims to embolden others through the Arts. Her literature courses, inspired by various texts and nature, allow for the finding of voice and creative spirit. Ruth has weaved in the NUSHU modality in her women’s circles as a means to empower community on an individual and collective level.

She seeks authenticity, as solitude has become increasingly important to her so has genuine connection. How do we find our tribe, ourselves? Ruth believes that many of the answers are held within, all that we require is to pause and listen, reflect and act – we find our tribe by living our Truth. She offers the space to find grounding by building stronger roots and routes, as well as finding and trusting your intuition, “for there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought” (Spenser).

Amanda Tonna

Amanda Tonna

Amanda Tonna's journey into the realm of wellbeing began as a fitness instructor. However, it was her innate desire to provide comprehensive support to her clients that led her to study massage therapy. It was a love affair that would shape the course of her life, as she dedicated herself wholeheartedly to mastering this ancient healing art.

Learning directly from Thai and Indian masters, Amanda immersed herself in the wisdom of traditional techniques, learning the secrets of touch passed down through generations. Her journey was further guided by a deeper calling; a love for children and the nurturing energy of her birth country, Malta. Working with mothers became not just a profession, but a profound expression of her connection to the island's rich history and the associated divine energy of fertility. Though she works with both parents, her focus on mothers is a dedication to her sacred calling. Her most enjoyment is when she gets to serve pregnant women.

At Hale: Body & Mind, Amanda's mission extends beyond massage therapy. As a firm believer in the importance of education, she is excited to organize a variety of educational and nurturing events for parents. These workshops and sessions are designed to empower parents with knowledge and inspiration on their journey of parenthood, fostering connections, learning, and growth.

Feel free to find more about her and her work on her Facebook page: Amma: Massage and Wellbeing.

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