Child/Educational Psychologist Services in Malta

At Hale – body+mind, we stand as your trusted destination for professional child/educational psychology services in Malta; our team–experienced and compassionate child/educational psychologists–pledge unwavering dedication to the emotional and mental well-being of children. We foster this support within a safe, nurturing environment.

Our child psychology services include and tackle the following:

  • Assessment for ADHD, autism etc.
  • General child assessment
  • Medical Condition
  • Specific learning difficulties
Child/Educational Psychologist - Lara Maria Vella

Meet: Lara Maria Vella

Our child/educational psychologist extraordinaire at Hale.

Lara has amassed a decade of expertise while serving at the Child Development Assessment Unit (CDAU). Her professional journey has been significantly enriched through a diverse range of experiences in assessments and consultations. Specializing in various areas within their role, such as autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, developmental delays, and various neurodevelopmental challenges, they bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to her practice.

Why Choose Our Child/Educational Psychologist in Malta?

Hale comprehends the uniqueness of every child and their diverse mental health needs. A team comprised of licensed, highly qualified child/educational psychologists commits to providing personalized, evidence-based interventions at Hale; these aim to address an extensive array of concerns – specifically:

  • Our psychologists can assist in identifying the underlying issues and devising effective strategies for managing positive behavior, whether your child grapples with behavioral challenges at home or school.
  • We specialize in assisting children to navigate and express their emotions healthily and constructively, addressing a range of emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression, and anger management.
  • If you hold concerns regarding your child’s learning or developmental progress, our experts will conduct comprehensive assessments; subsequently, they will formulate tailored intervention plans to bolster their growth.
  • In a child’s life, we acknowledge the paramount importance of family. Collaboratively, our psychologists engage with families to tackle any relational issues; they aim at nurturing and fostering a supportive environment for the child’s overall well-being.

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If you’re seeking professional and compassionate child/educational psychology services in Malta, Hale is here for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your child’s mental and emotional growth or book an appointment.

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