At Hale, we are dedicated to fostering holistic well-being through our unique approach to therapy and education. Our mission is to create a nurturing environment where individuals can embark on a transformative journey towards enhanced physical, emotional, and cognitive development.

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Dance/Movement Therapy

Dance/Movement Therapy

Our dance/movement therapy sessions are crafted to promote emotional expression, build confidence, and improve physical, emotional and cognitive well-being. Whether you're seeking a creative outlet or addressing specific challenges, our experienced therapist is here to guide you on your journey to improved mental health. This type of (psycho)therapy is beneficial for people of all ages and abilities.

This unique creative art therapeutic approach combines the expressive power of movement with the introspective benefits of therapy. Through movement, individuals can explore and express their feelings, thoughts, and emotions in a way that may be difficult to do with words alone. This can be especially helpful for people who have trouble communicating their emotions or for those who have experienced trauma, as movement can provide a safe and non-verbal outlet for expression.

Our certified dance therapist creates a safe and supportive environment, guiding you to explore emotions, enhance self-awareness, and foster personal growth. Through tailored sessions, participants experience the healing potential of movement and rhythm as they connect with their bodies, emotions, and the present moment. Join us in discovering the profound impact of integrating movement into your therapeutic journey.

Child/Educational Psychologist

Educational Psychology

Unlock your full potential with our educational psychology services. Our expert psychologists specialize in understanding and addressing the cognitive, emotional, and social factors that influence learning and development. Whether you're seeking support for academic challenges, child assessments, applications/reports for Learning Support Educators (LSE), navigating educational transitions, or enhancing learning strategies, our team is here to empower you.

Through comprehensive assessments, personalized interventions, and collaborative goal-setting, we strive to create an educational experience that aligns with unique strengths and goals. Step into a supportive learning environment where individuality is celebrated, and growth is nurtured.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy

Communication is at the heart of human connection. Our speech & language Therapy services aim to enhance communication skills and empower individuals of all ages. Our licensed speech-language pathologists work with you to address speech disorders, language delays, and communication challenges.

Whether you're looking to improve articulation, language comprehension, or social communication, our tailored therapy plans are designed to help you communicate confidently and effectively. Discover the joy of effective communication as you engage in personalized sessions that prioritize your unique needs and goals.



Reconnect with your inner self through the ancient practice of yoga. Our experienced yoga instructors guide you through a journey of physical postures, mindfulness, and meditation. Immerse yourself in the holistic benefits of yoga, fostering flexibility, strength, and inner peace. Regardless of your experience level, our classes are welcoming and adaptable to meet your individual needs.

Join a community that values the integration of mind, body, and spirit, and experience the power of yoga as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and physical well-being.



Explore the cathartic power of conscious breathing techniques with our breathwork sessions. Delve into the profound impact that intentional breathing can have on stress management, mindfulness, and overall well-being. Our breathwork sessions are crafted to guide you in harnessing the power of your breath to promote relaxation, clarity, and emotional balance. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and revitalization through the art of mindful breathing.

Experience the therapeutic benefits of breathwork as you cultivate a deeper connection with your inner self and promote a sense of calm and balance in your daily life.

Ruth Bezzina - Intuitive Wellness Coach

Health & Wellness

As an intuitive wellness coach my aim is always to help you connect, or re-connect, with your intuition to achieve your personal form of balance. Whether through women's circles or any other offerings, the intention is to start prioritizing self-care and self-love to attain a form of wellbeing which we can thrive from and share.

Some of the services include:

  • Women's circles - themed
  • Sunday reset
  • 1-1 Listening sessions
  • 1-1 Health consultations

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Indulge in rejuvenating massage therapy sessions tailored to melt away stress and tension, leaving you refreshed and revitalized. Our skilled therapists specialize in a variety of techniques to address your specific needs and promote overall well-being.

Services include:

  • Pregnancy Massage: Pre and post natal Ayurvedic massage
  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Tok Sen Therapy
  • Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Detox Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Herbal Ball Massage

Annalisa Abela

Mum and Baby - Body after Baby

These classes are targeted for after birth where mums can attend together with their babies. We focus on pelvic floor recovery, core rehabilitation and getting back to fitness. These classes are a safe space for mums to attend with their little ones where they will be guided to returning back to exercise safely as well as being surrounded by other mums who are on the same motherhood journey and thus we form a nurturing and supportive community.

Organizer: Annalisa Abela
When: Thursdays 10:00 - 11:00 AM
Price: €12.00 p/p
Book online through the events page here

Gestalt Psychotherapy

Gestalt Psychotherapy

Many of us experience moments of disconnection and the difficulties this brings along with it. Sometimes we have labels for this – such as anxiety, depression, trauma. Sometimes, we might describe it more as a sense of overwhelm, of difficulty with coping, or of feeling lost, for example. At other times we might simply be searching, though we might not even know for what.

Gestalt Psychotherapy aims to restore this connection, to help us to feel whole, to feel seen and heard, to be understood. The psychotherapeutic space becomes a form of laboratory where, through awareness raising, the therapist and client together experiment with different ways of being in the here and now.

Gestalt is a relational discipline – which means that the very relationship that is built between the therapist and the client holds within it the elements that the client needs for self-discovery and evolution. It favours a creative approach and sessions can include embodied work and/or work of a creative nature, according to the needs of the client in that moment.

We invite you to consider engaging in a Gestalt journey of discovery that will be healing, supportive, challenging, containing, and thrilling at the same time!

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