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Body and mind. Two resolute pillars of wellbeing and the foundation of Hale’s inception. The harmonious fusion of psychology and dance/movement therapy has created a space for the community to nurture their wellbeing through a unique dual approach, focusing on accessibility and authenticity.

Hale stands for Holistic, Assurance, Longevity and Empathy. It is a safe, trustworthy, modern setting where individuals can feel heard and receive care from experts with real solutions. A space where one can grow, heal and discover their uninhibited, vibrant true self.

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We care

Hale exists to breathe fresh, nourishing air into wellbeing. Simply put; We care. We really care. A powerful word that is at the core of our services. We provide a tailored, holistic approach for our clients, in an expert, genuine environment.

Meet the Founders

Hale founders

We are two sisters, both with a passion for helping others lead their best lives through accessibility and authenticity. We have spent years learning and growing in our own fields and have seen firsthand how a tailored, holistic approach, in an expert, genuine environment is crucial.

Child/Educational Psychologist - Lara Maria Vella

Lara Maria Vella

An accomplished educational psychologist who has amassed a decade of expertise while serving at the Child Development Assessment Unit (CDAU). Lara's professional journey has been significantly enriched through a diverse range of experiences in assessments and consultations.

Specializing in various areas within their role, such as autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, developmental delays, and various neurodevelopmental challenges, they bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to her practice.

Sarah Vella - Dance/movement therapist

Sarah Vella

Sarah's enthusiasm lies in guiding people towards their best, most authentic selves, helping them navigate the intricate paths of self-improvement and personal growth. For over a decade, Sarah called Berlin her home, immersing herself in its vibrant culture and artistic scene. She honed her skills, collaborated with fellow artists, worked in private practices and shared her passion for dance and therapy with a global audience.

In 2022, Sarah embarked on a new chapter, returning to her roots in Malta. Now, with a wealth of international experience and a heart full of dedication, she is excited to continue her journey of empowerment, self-discovery, and growth, both as an artist and as a therapist for those seeking their own pathways to authenticity.

Our team

Lara Maria Vella - Educational Psychologist

Lara Maria


Sandra Mifsud - Dance Practitioner Yoga Instructor


Dance Practitioner
Yoga Instructor

Sarah Vella - Dance/movement therapist


Dance Artist
Speech & Language

Ruth Bezzina - Intuitive Wellness Coach


Intuitive Wellness Coach

Martine Waltier - Breathwork Practitioner



Amanda Tonna



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